Critical incident management

Besides the more technical implications of crisis management and the public image aspects, internal communication and especially individual care have become key elements in the set up of those policies. Considerable research about post traumatic stress, its consequences and possible ways of prevention and treatment have led to a rethink.

Preparedness has grown to be a key for successful handling of any arising emergency. This relates to the development of adequate policies and strategy from a corporate level as much as ongoing awareness and readiness of operational levels of the organization. Further the impact of traumatic events on the ability to function has grown to be much better understood. This impact goes beyond the bounds of ”normal” stress: life patterns become severely disturbed and emotions are running out of control. If not addressed and contained adequately this has long-term implications for the individuals affected as much as for the organization at large.

The critical incident management program is designed to prepare your organization establishing organizational preparedness and sufficient skill for site management to deal with arising emergencies as much as specific support at group and individual level handling exposure to trauma.

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