The psycho-social risk assessment

Deeper, easier, faster

There is no cutting corners when scanning for stress factors. The PSRA has over 100 items of analysis but will learn from the responses to key questions and will only focus on those items relevant for every individual. Deep scans have never been easier or faster!

Above and beyond

The PSRA scans the traditional psychosocial risk scales in order to have results aligned with any other tools you have used before and to allow for appropriate benchmarking. It also brings unique and innovative additions very important for the real picture. (See scales here)

For now and then

Traditional scans capture a static picture frozen in the time of completion. Important? Yes! Enough? No! That is why the PSRA was designed to reflect the situation at a given time but also forecasts different trends in how stress and psychosocial risks can develop within your company and its population.

Two type support

There is an unbreakable link between companies and their work-force. Companies need to aid their employees but employees also need to aid themselves in coping with stress. Hence the PSRA is innovative in generating two type of reports. An immediate one for the user with direct recommendations and another, based on aggregated data, with company-wide data and organisational risk profiling. (See Reporting)

Company customized

No two companies are alike, and we know better than to believe in One-Size-Fits-All. The PSRA is flexible in the categories of analysis and demographic spread without impacting the results validity and its benchmarking.

Anytime, anywhere & top secret

Comfortable to apply. The tool is fully digitalised and accessible online from PCs, Tablet or Smart Phones.

The user’s privacy is essential to us! The tool does not track any personal information and is fully confidential and anonymous.


The instrument has been modelled to meet the latest European HSE standards in terms of legal requirements and beyond. It is a comprehensive online assessment tool looking at all impact areas influencing psychosocialrisk at the workplace.



In-depth design

The PSRA is a comprehensive online assessment tool looking at multiple impact areas influencing psycho-social risks at the workplace. It was designed around 10 major scales and 21 sub-areas of influencing factors are assessed (to be adjusted after revamp) – both traditional scales as well as innovative new ones.



Individual precision

Clinically driven by professionals, scales are also pondered in relevance for each individual. This is an innovative feature that allows for accurate depiction of real stressors, and their perceived impact.



Forecasting feature

The forecasting items transform the PSRA’s analysis from a static one-time depiction of the status-quo within the company into a time-fluid instrument able to pick up on trends and perceived changes. Will psychosocial risks improve or worsen within your company? That is the question.



Coping module

The coping module can be added to our standard PSRA scan to delve further into understanding how your workforce responds to stressors. This feature can provide vital information related to your employees’ ability to manage risks and stressful periods and to develop coherent and tailored action plans to better support them in doing so.



Cross-validated tool

The traditional items of the PSRA cross-validated with the industry’s most common Stress Scans while the innovative scales of the tool add additional qualitative data to our reports. (Benchmarking for additional scales is in progress).



Resilience and stressmanagement trainings

Self-learning tools online access to specific tools (Mindset)

Group follow-ups focusing on specific group needs

Individual follow-up with an expert to better understand the Scorecard results and receive advice on personal improvement

Re-assessments (after a given period of time) to better understand the company trends and assess the efficacy of different stressmanagement measures that might have been implemented

  • This individual Scorecard provides personalized feedback on all relevant dimensions.
  • It gives the concerned person guidelines for individual changes.
  • Those potential changes can be discussed with a designated professional able to review and interpret what is needed.
  • Based on self-monitoring ‘guidelines the person concerned can engage in a process of change.
  • This process can be facilitated by a network of specifically trained health professionals.
  • Data collection is automatized via the online process.
  • Company specified categorisation of all report details such as:
    – Work groups
    – Level of employment
    – Gender issues
    – Age categories
    – Due to the high level of flexibility the instrument has, specific   demographic indicators can be included at the company’s request.
  • Different types of correlations and statistical interpretations can be generated according to company needs.
  • Report aligned with Safety, Health, Environment (SHE) objectives.
  • Action planning addressing highlights of the findings.
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