Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

CCS Is striving for clinical excellence In all aspects of Its delivery of Employee Assistance across the board of Its extended geographical region using strict mechanisms of control and a unique network management tool creating a strong bond with the professional resources, meeting client expectations!

What is an Employee Assistance Program?

EAPs as they are widely known across the world – are voluntary and fully confidential, company sponsored, services aiding employees and their direct family members to deal with a wide range of personal or work-related problems through assessment, short-term counselling and specialized referrals.

Highly popular with the most successful companies for over 50 years, EAPs have continued to grow and develop into essential organizational services, proving time and again their strong positive impact on workplacehealth, employee wellbeing, motivation, productivity and the company’s bottom line.

The Experience

More than 35 years of experience in the field, grant us the ability to provide our clients with EAPs that stand out through high levels of professional expertise, robust in-country delivery networks and culturally sensitive approaches. Evolving with technological progress and adding new media of digitalmentalhealth and online support while remaining deeply rooted in scientific and clinical best practices, our EAPs always deliver the highest added value to our client companies and to improve the lives of their employees mental health.

Our EAP identifies behavioralhealth and other psychosocialrisks that affect workplace performance, and prompts users to seek support. Employees and their direct family members are encouraged to use the program in case of any emerging issues that are hard to deal with on your own. The sooner assistance is sought, the less sever the impact will be on one’s personal well-being and also the job situation. The workplace offers an ideal setting to reach out to a large group of individuals providing them with support, dealing with potential mental health, emotional or other impairing issues.

Easily accessible 

And available via a toll-free number 24/7, year round or via our dedicated employee platform.


Highly confidential 

Culturally sensitive and independent.


Free of charge 

For all employees & their direct family members.


External Referrals

To specialized resources, institutions and professionals for longer term or more specialized forms of care.



Good for one. Better for all.

Healthier employees are more productive and can easily focus on the tasks at hand. EAPs are known to have a great positive impact on these quintessential organisational indicators through the support they provide to individual employees.

Let’s health each other.

Support your employees to get fast access to qualified professionals so they can find answers or guidance for the pressing matters they are dealing with. You thus actively contribute to improving their mental health, their overall wellbeing and enriching the quality of their work-life balance.

Great place to work.

People are becoming more and more aware of their needs and wishes. Those companies that can provide them with the required support of improving their workplace health and the quality of their lives will always be favoured by employees when looking for a job. Key human resources will also choose to retain a certain job for certain benefits such as the existence of an EAP.

Brand image & credibility

Companies that recognise the needs of their employees and invest in their health and wellbeing are known to be publicly perceived as responsible and committed organisations. They have higher employee retention levels and are considerably more desirable both as employers as well as business partners.

Helping your employees improve their mental health helps your company in return! Feel free to use the calculator below as an introductory guide to estimate your ROI if you would purchase a CCS EAP. Provide the required data related to your company to the best of your knowledge, and the calculator will show you the potential gains our EAP can bring you.

Notice: Your data will not be stored unless you provide specific approval, allowing us to get in touch and discuss issues in more detail.

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