Auxilio Is a unique and highly innovative digital approach, assisting large numbers of Individuals in exploring their mental wellbeing concerns.  Thorough assessment procedures lead the way towards guided resources to gain deeper understanding and learning ways to overcome Identified difficulties either through self-help tools or aided by CCS-curated network of highly-qualified mental health professionals.

Ease of access, digital evaluation and guided support – making use of the latest state-of-the-art digital technologies and its professional network of experts – improve Individual wellbeing and make AUXILIO the new way forward!

Discover the best digital mental health assistant. 

A modern and effective online tool that helps all your employees find the psychological guidance and support they seek – easier, faster, and better than ever before!

Auxilio is redefining e-mental health support

Automatised problem detection for a practical user guidance

Customised notifications and progress tracking for a tailored user experience

Powerful company reporting indicators while preserving complete user confidentiality

Clinically focused self-help content and validated support tools

Access to multiple mental health experts with direct online sessions booking

Flexible payment plans for your company with user co-payment options

Smart problem detection

AUXILIO is equipped with modern technologies that allow fast, precise, and comfortable problem detection! Take the initial journey our platform suggests, answer some clinically validated questions, and let Auxilio identify how it can best help you and tailor your recovery experience!

An ever-growing library of self-help tools

Monthly updated and carefully curated, our wide selection of guidance information holds valuable content to empower you and your employees in reclaiming their state of mental wellbeing. Follow the recommendations AUXILIO tailors for you after assessing your needs or leisurely browse through all our content at your own pace. From articles to symptom checkers and from the latest news to specific guides, AUXILIO shares a wealth of helpful information with you!

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Top counsellors are just a click away

If you need additional support or prefer working directly with a professional, AUXILIO also has the answer! For over  35 years, CCS has been developing a great network of high-end mental health professionals covering 28 languages and all common psycho-emotional issues. Now you can easily use their expertise from the comfort of your private space! Auxilio boasts a powerful counsellor matching feature to help you select the best professional for your needs!

Even more user features

Progress tracking: AUXILIO can help you track your progress. It adjusts recommendations based on the evolution of your presenting issue and your feedback when experiencing or interacting with different elements. This powerful feature marks the central switch between static-content-based platforms and AUXILIO’s innovative tracking process. Its organic response technology and clinical flexibility ensure you are always aware of your condition and the best ways to approach recovery and improvement.

Notifications: You won’t miss anything as AUXILIO learns from your interactions and will understand which type of guidance is of interest or more helpful for you. In-app or via e-mail notifications will give you the comfort of always being connected with content to help you reach your wellbeing objectives.

Everything is customizable so you can make the most of your AUXILIO experience!

… and even more corporate features

AUXILIO generates reports based on statistical and aggregated utilisation data. Such reports can be tailored according to your company’s needs and are very powerful in grounding corporate health and wellbeing policies

All personal user information and their activity on our platform is always strictly confidential and is not disclosed under any circumstances!

AUXILIO can also be used as your company’s Health and Wellbeing activities Billboard. As access to AUXILIO is done via dedicated company keys, we can customise its content for your company’s needs. The Billboard section can be an additional space for you to promote internal programs, campaigns, events, or CompBenefits packages you organise for your employees or they have access to.

Your journey to wellbeing begins with AUXILIO! 

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