CCS sponsors the EAEF’s 20th Anniversary

Every year all major EAP providers in Europe, and even some from America and Asia, members of the European Assistance Employee Forum (EAEF), reunite in one of Europe’s large cities for a two-days conference, packed with debates, workshops and of course many networking opportunities.

This year, Athens hosted the first physical conference, after two years of online gatherings due to the COVID-19 Pandemic – a most befitting location to celebrate the EAEF’s 20th anniversary since its foundation in 2002.

We were happy to recognise the importance of the forum and its contribution to the development of European EAP services and as such CCS proudly supported the conference as its main Anniversary sponsor.

For us, at CCS, the event held even more meaning as we were glad to take the opportunity and launch our latest product, the CareConnect – our response to the need of organisations, who face the challenges of multilingual work teams across a large number of geographical regions. CareConnect will offer beneficiaries services in 28 languages from native language resources using just one singular access point and as such, the EAEF’s conference was a wonderful stage to launch such a culturally diverse product that will bring many benefits for our clients as well as our business partners. If you want to learn more about the CareConnect please click here.

Another reason of celebration for the CCS team present was the re-election of Alexandru Manescu, our clinical director, in the position of EAEF’s secretary. After ending his two-year mandate as an Executive Board Director with the association, he was elected to continue in promoting best clinical practices in EAPs, the development of consolidated scientific research across countries and increase the visibility of the EAEF in a new board mandate.

Last but, definitely not least, we had another surprise for all those present at the conference when it was announced that CCS will be the company to host the 2023 edition of the conference. After previously organising a wonderful edition of this event back in 2016, in Bucharest, Romania, our application to host the event again was warmly received and accepted by the board. This time around, we are thrilled to welcome all participants to Luxembourg, CCS’s home-country, a wonderful place of history, scientific developments as well as of remarkable European relevance.

The Athens 2022 conference was a great event, as it usually is, and gave us the opportunity to meet again with colleagues and partners as well as take an active part in the development of EAPs in Europe – an essential service for any company in times such as the ones we are living in now, when mental wellbeing has never been more important.

If you want to know more about the Employee Assistance European Forum and its activity, click here.

The CCS Team at the EAEF Conference in Athens (2022). From right to left: Mr. Konstantin von Vietinghoff-Scheel (Managing Director); Mrs. Laura Parolini (Country coordinator for Italy); Ms. Ana Nataletu (Network Manager); Mr. Alexandru Manescu (Clinical Director); Mr. Mohamed Llama (Pan-Arabic region coordinator).
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