The C-hub!

If you are already a part of our family of distinguished professionals you have access to CCS’s C-Hub. A digital clinical resource center as well as a meeting place for over 3,000 mental health experts to share knowledge and know-how. CCS’s clinical and counselling platform was designed with all of you in mind, based on the constant feedback you have shared with us across the years. From EAP counselling protocols to specialised methodologies guidelines and from an internal news and events calendar to professional discussion forums, C-Hub boasts a wealth of professional information and community building features.

This platform is restricted to existing counsellors of CCS only.

Join the family


CCS is always looking for specialists willing to join our extended “family” of over 3000 professionals!

If you are a professional counsellor with a background in clinical psychology, counselling, coaching, or psychotherapy, experience in online support for clients, and you have at least a master’s degree and five years of work experience, you might wish to consider joining our network of professionals.

To apply, please fill in and submit the form below. One of our colleagues in the Network Management department will get in touch with you soon!

 If you are already a CCS counsellor, please click below to reach C-Hub, your dedicated clinical and counsellor platform.


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