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Konstantin is the founder of CCS and leads our global operations as Managing Director. He oversees our network and business development, drives the implementation of our international mission and vision, oversees the realization of our strategic goals, and represents us in major international business events as well as in key-client relations.

Konstantin von Vietinghoff-Scheel

Managing Director

After years of experience in B2B marketing and sales with different large international organisations Nadya has joined CCS in 2017 and is now the internal lead of all our marketing and sales activities across the EMEA region. Based on her experience Nadya is leading our social media and other activities to position CCS adequately, collaborating with our external advisors, helping to design marketing efforts and leading sales operations. With Nadya's drive and engagement we are expanding effectively our efforts across the entire EMEA region.

Nadezhda Sime

Marketing Manager

With over 15 years of experience within CCS and multiple master’s degrees, Alex leads our clinical department – from clinical quality assurance, and clinical management of counsellors to the development of new clinical products. Alex also manages our interactions with key organizations and drives our business development strategy.

Alexandru Manescu

Clinical and Strategy Director

Ariadna has vast experience in patient support and clinical case management. Within CCS she leads our case allocation teams and manages the proper linkage between clients and our professional resources, ensuring high-quality service delivery and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Ariadna Avram

International Case Manager

With many years of international accounts management experience, Ali ensures the proper management of CCS’s relations with our Business partners and key client accounts and drives CCS’s efforts toward high levels of customer satisfaction.

Ali Jawad

Client Management Lead

Having been with CCS for 6 years, Marian leads the delivery of our special services such as Critical Incident Management, trainings and webinars as well as other on-site or offsite activities and events.

Marian Chirvasa

CIM & Trainings Manager

With a background in telecommunications engineering and IT projects, CCS relies on Adrian to lead the technical department - from managing and expanding our telecommunications infrastructure to overseeing all IT processes ensuring their security and their proper development.

Adrian Farnoaga

Technical Manager

Ana is an organizational psychologist and has been with CCS for over 7 years. She manages our vast network of counsellors and professional resources, spread across 50 countries – from recruitment to continued management and strategic resource development.

Ana Nataletu

Network Manager

Oana has been with CCS for over 10 years and since then she has been managing our internal administrative processes and regulatory frameworks. She is also in charge of CCS’s financial management.

Oana Trufasu

Financial Manager

Andreea has long and well-established experience in managing international operations within multinational companies. She has joined the CCS team to lead our business operations, and business processes. Andreea also drives the internal change process and oversees all strategic projects.

Andreea Pavelescu

Operations Manager

Regional coordinators

Alona Lukyanchuk

Country coordinator: Ukraine

Ana Miletic

Country coordinator: Croatia

Anum Khan

Country coordinator: Pakistan

Christine Desenne

Country coordinator: France

Dagmar Metzger

Country coordinator: Germany

Ramon Carrillo

Country coordinator: Spain

Irem Goksu

Country coordinator: Turkey

Laura Parolini & Chiara Verdesca

Country coordinators: Italy

Lenka Uherova

Country coordinator: Slovakia

Mindaugas Jasulaitis

Country coordinator: Lithuania

Mohamed Llama

Regional coordinator: Middle East

Monika Vankova

Country coordinator: The Czech Republic

Nada Ghazalah

Regional coordinator: Northern Africa

Dorota Brodka

Country coordinator: Poland

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