Values and Certifications

Clinical and Professional Excellence

We will always stand for the highest level of quality and clinical expertise in the delivery of services. From our Masters and PhD counsellors to the latest psychological methodologies used and from strict clinical case monitoring to vetted referral resources, our Clinical Department manages and constantly develops our standards ensuring that CCS always raises the bar in terms of Clinical and Professional excellence.

Scientifically Driven Services

Our philosophy will always be rooted in scientifically validated methods and approaches to counselling, service delivery and product development. In an age where novelties easily catch attention we will always – exclusively – implement tools and methodologies that have been peer-reviewed, efficacy-proven and internationally accepted by the leading scientific and professional forums.

Culturally Sensitive Approaches

One size truly does not fit all when it comes to human care. It takes know-how, experience and qualified local resources to be able to provide psychological support across large areas of population. Cultures, backgrounds, life-views, perspectives, meanings, laws, etc. differ from country to country and even region to region and our service models will always ensure all are considered when helping an individual with adequate guidance.

Localised Presence

CCS firmly believes that the best support is provided by experts and professionals who share the same cultural background as the person seeking support. While we maintain very high and strict expertise standards and credentialing requirements across all regions of service, CCS will match beneficiaries with counsellors from their own cultural background. We are aided in this exceptionally rare service pillar by a vast professional network of over 3000 experts.

Client Satisfaction Focused

It all comes down to helping your organization by helping its people and their satisfaction is paramount to us. That is why we conduct thorough satisfaction measurements; clinical efficacy assessments and our counsellors utilise session evaluation instruments to guarantee service objectives are constantly met. We are proud that CCS always maintains an average satisfaction score above 4.8 (out of 5) across the tens of thousands of individuals we help on a yearly basis.

Tradition and Modernity

CCS is one of the very first EAP and Mental Wellbeing companies in Europe and hence we are proud of our historic heritage. The knowledge and know-how we have developed over the decades give us an irreplaceable pool of expertise. Nonetheless, while we treasure our past, we will always look boldly towards the future. The world is constantly developing and so does CCS, by incorporating digital service tools, embracing modern clinical methodologies and constantly striving to foresee and meet the needs and struggles of today’s employees and organisations.

“TOGETHER is the way forward. The way into a better future. The way into a healthier future. We believe that together we can achieve more. In life. And in business. Let’s change healthcare for better. Make it more digital. More personal. Faster and more trustworthy than ever before.

We are the best and most established employee mental healthcare partner and provider in EMEA. We are CCS. We are always there for you. We listen, we create, we help and WE CARE.”

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